Why Blog, and why Shrimps Diary?



Hey Dolls!

This is my first blog EVER, and it’s all about why i decided to start blogging, and WHY i chose Shrimps Diary as my name.

So why i started blogging-

Have any of you ever been at a place in your life, where you have lots to say, but find it difficult to express your thoughts, ideas, opinions and feelings to another? Yes? No? Sometimes? Well thats where i am right now. Im not the best when it comes to expressing the above, and have on numerous occasions been called a stone, and even a rock. I always get people saying that when they first met me they thought i was a right B*t@h but i’m actually quite the opposite once they get to know me LOL! Thanks guys!

I have always enjoyed writing, and I think I’ve finally found the right platform to do so on, so if you like sarcasm, random rants and the absolute truth, please keep reading…x

Why I chose Shrimps Diary as my name-

Okay so i have three older sisters, and I am the youngest. The baby of the house you could say. And although I love my sisters very much (though I’d never admit this to their faces!) just like any other siblings, we do love to terrorise and bully each other LOL!

When i was younger, I used to be quite slow. My sisters had nicknames for me such as wally, slow coach and shrimp. I used to hate those names, absolutely detest them. But as I grew up, i became more confident, found myself and my voice. I grew to love those nicknames, because from anyone else, they would be meant in a negative connotation, but from my sisters, they were said with love.

Yes they called me names, bullied me, and played pranks on me, but its the exact same i’d do with them. Thats the amazing thing about sisters, we make each others lives HELL, but if anyone else tries to hurt us we will hunt them down, and kill them!! (Not really kill them, because we’re all about peace, but you know…make sure they won’t do it again 😀 )

So thanks to my wonderful sisters, shrimps diary was born.

-and here it shall remain for a long time to come fingers crossed!

Remember- ‘There is always a reason to smile’

Much Love

Shrimps Diary xoxo











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