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I hardly ever talk about my private life…to anyone. The reason for this is because I have four incredible sisters in my life who are always there for me, should I ever need to rant. Care for me when I am down or feeling ill. Support me to be the best that I can. But most importantly listen to me, guide me, and help me through each and every day. For this I am thankful.

Some of you that know me well will be thinking ‘but she only has three sisters?’ I’ll explain this as I go.

So there’s the eldest of us all. AKA the caring one, who is also known as mum number two. I love to wind her up, get a reaction out of her, bully her when she doesn’t know the latest slang words and I have to explain what they mean lol. But she’s also the one I turn to when I’m ill. The one i speak to when I’m concerned. I don’t know what it is, but she has this nurturing side to her, that puts me at ease when I’m agitated. The one I love to randomly hug. The one I get giggles with every time we try to order food from a drive through (Burger King) or argue over Aero mint chocolate (Blockbusters!). The one i convince to get up to mischief with me and to do dodgy manoeuvres when driving LOL!

Then there’s sister number two. AKA the brainy one. Who is also known as the snitch…JOKE! She’s the one always driving me around because I’m a spoilt brat. The one that i love to go shopping with because we have such similar taste. The one i tease, when she dresses up, or doesn’t wear eyeliner. The one I take dodgy pictures of to blackmail her later with LOL! But she’s also the one i have long chats in the car with. The one that encourages me to have my own style. The one that never says no when I say lets go out somewhere. The one that never runs out of energy and will find time for you no matter how busy she is. She’s the one I sing lame songs with in the car (Call me maybe). The one I send weird text messages to (Hello my love-haha) and the one who’s hair I always love to stroke LOL. She’s also the one that hung my doll Kimberly from the fan and said she committed suicide when i was younger-LOL, what can i say, we have a strange bond haha.

Then there’s sister number three. AKA the funny one, or as I like to call her, the brother I never had-KIDDING! She’s the one I argue with most. The one that manages to wind me up and get a reaction out of me. The one that decided to smash a white Magnum ice cream into my hair when i was younger and we got into a fight-LMAO! But she’s also the one I turn to whenever I feel down, when I need to be cheered up or distracted. She’s the one that came to my rescue when a dog chased me into the lane trying to bite me, the one that held my hair while I was sick, and the one that always has my back no matter what. She’s the one I go on mocha dates to Starbucks with, the one that can get me giggling in exactly one word, and the one I grew up playing all the pretend childhood games with.

And last but not least is my best friend Nabz. She’s in this because I’ve been blessed with another sister. She’s the one I never paid attention to until one day we walked home together after school, and became inseparable. She’s the one that day in day out stayed with me. We have grown together from twelve year old kids into the twenty three year old women we are today. She has been a part of all my missions that have ever taken place in my life. She is my partner in crime. From the days of welsh lessons and being told off, to the time some random woman tried to attack Nabz in school, to the table tennis days, the penguin walk, the ‘Piiiiissss offff’ moment and our trip to Italy. We have been through so much together, and still to this day she is my best friend. She’s the only person I have opened up to fully, and I am thankful for her presence in my life each and every day.

Baji, Bana, Baba & Bilabong, may we continue to be weird sisters, that confide in each other, laugh with each other, cry with each other and most importantly continue to create these hilarious memories together. I’ve become the person I am today because of you four, and for that I will forever be thankful.

I love you all a lot. But not as much as I know you four love me! XD

Remember- ‘a loyal sister is worth a thousand friends’. 

Much Love,

Shrimpsdiary xoxo



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