Small Little Bundles…x

Good things come in small little bundles…

or in my case in the shape of four little humans, running around, screaming at the top of their lungs, throwing things about and crying over absolutely anything.

Four little terrors that drive me insane at times, repeating the same things, dropping their drinks on the carpet, having to pee every five minutes, breaking things and having to be entertained at all hours of the day.

But they’re also four little humans that my heart melts over every time they call me ‘Annie’, or tell me i’m their favourite person. Seeing them smile makes me smile. Seeing them have fun, laugh, their little eyes light up, makes my day.

I love spoiling them, getting them high on lots of sugar, taking them out, having movie and PJ parties and sleepovers.

I never asked to be an aunty, especially to two nephews and two nieces, but now that I am one, I find i wouldn’t have it any other way.

They’re my favourite little munchkins and I love spending time with them. Their innocence and simple way of thinking is refreshing.

I will always be there to make them smile, watch over them and give them all that they wish for.

Jeeju, Haanu, Aizu and Nunu….Annie loves you very much.

But if you’re ever naughty, bad mouth your parents or siblings then I will be there to sort you out 😉

Being an aunty is a huge responsibility, they look up to you, your manners, behaviours, attitude…they learn it all. Teach them the values of life, and teach them right.

They learn a lot off me, but I have learnt so much more off them.

Children are a blessing, and I am one very lucky aunty to have such amazing and gorgeous little munchkins in my life.

photo (6)

Much Love,



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