Here’s to all the women..x


Here’s to all the women out there.

Women of all shapes and sizes, of different ethnicities, from different backgrounds, with different beliefs.

Here’s to all the women who no matter what life throws at them, get up each morning and tackle another day.

Whether you’re a mum, a sister, an aunty, a friend or just a little girl. We all have obstacles that each of us face at some point within our lives.

These obstacles, that we CHOOSE to overcome and DO overcome make us who we are. These obstacles help make us stronger.

We all have enough on our plates and by this I don’t mean carbs. I mean the pressures, problems, stress, emotions that are enough to last us a life time without the added stress of another lady hating on you.

This is something I’ve never understood and is why I’m always uncomfortable speaking to new women that are introduced to me.

If I, you, a friend or even a family member have made an effort to look nice, spent longer doing our hair, maybe thrown in a little contouring to give us that extra glam look- WHY do some girls feel the need to pick up on this and criticise each other?

If someone is looking nice- tell them. She’s made an effort to look good just like you. Instead of bi*hing, gossiping and hating on her, support her, compliment her and help empower her.

This isn’t just something that happens when somebody makes an effort with their appearance- no. I’ve noticed that this also happens when somebody decides to change something in their life. Something that will help them grow. A lifestyle change for the better.

I can tell you this now, and you know this yourself. It’s not easy making said changes in our lives. It’s bad enough trying to convince your own self that you CAN do better and WILL do better, without the added pressure of trying to convince everyone else.

I know when I started Shrimps Diary not everyone saw it from the same angle as myself. I know some people probably even laughed. It’s not nice to experience this I’ll be the first to admit it. But does that stop me? Absolutely not. Because with every word that I write, I find out more about myself, my capabilities. With each word, I see myself grow. With every quote I see myself become the woman I’m meant to be.

I might not fit into  the mould that you’ve created that defines your perfect woman. But that is the beauty of it all. We may be women, but we’re meant to be different. We ARE different. And we are all fabulously unique in our very own ways.

The point of this post ladies, Is that yes we are all strong individuals, with life goals that we want to achieve. But imagine how much more confident each of us would be if instead of mocking another’s success or beauty, we decided to support them. Instead of enjoying another’s downfall, we helped pick them back up?

Instead of degrading each other, lets empower one another.

That is the true grace of being a real woman.

Here is to strong women, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.



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