Everyone falls down


Everyone falls down.

May this be literally when tripping over a curb, walking up the stairs, or slipping in some ridiculously high heels. Especially when you’re clumsy like me.

Or it could be metaphorically, when we fall down in life and feel like the effort to get back up will outweigh the idea of trying again.

Whichever it may be, we’ve all been there. Life has an extraordinary way of testing us to the max, in every sort of way.

I’ve begun to realise that the fact that you may be clumsy, fall over ten times a day, or feel like you can’t get back up, when your mind tells you that you’ve had enough, isn’t the moment that defines us and who we are.

It’s when we get back up, off the floor, look around to see if anyone saw, and decide at that moment to boss it, and continue walking down the street as if nothing has happened.

It’s when we feel like we’re crashing, burning, suffocating and drowning all at once. When we don’t know how we’re ever going to get past that moment. When your mind tells you you’re not strong enough, when you’re body screams that it’s too weak. Somehow, we manage to keep going. We don’t know how we do it, we just know that we learn to overcome our obstacles.

THESE are the moments that define us. Make us who we are. It’s these moments that tell us that yes you ARE strong enough and WILL overcome anything.

It’s not how we do it, how gracefully we do it, or if we tumble through it all. It’s the fact that we do it that is the crucial moment.

It’s the moment you prove to your own self that you are worth saving.

Remember- Sometimes its not life holding us back, but ourselves.







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