Loyal down to the bone…x

I have the worlds best resting bitch face. People that don’t know me assume i’m a cow. That i think i’m better than everyone else. That they’re not worth my time and effort. Is that the truth? Absolutely not.

The truth is, I’m a very private person. I rarely let people into my inner most circle. I don’t trust easily. To be honest, in this day and age i’d say that’s pretty wise. I have very few friends that i will open up to. But one thing that can be said about these friends is that they are loyal to the bone. Why? Because I am too.

I am the type of friend that isn’t the best at keeping in touch on a day to day basis. That doesn’t like going out every day or getting dressed up all the time. I say things as they are, whether it’s what you want to hear at that moment or not. They may be seen as flaws yes, and I’m sure I can be very frustrating at times.

But I’m also the friend that is ALWAYS there when you really need me to be, I always listen when needed, and advise you as best as I can. I will always give you my honest opinion because I want the best for you. More so than you want for yourself.

I’m the friend that will sit in the car with you, and sing songs and distract you so you forget your worries for a few minutes. I’ll crack jokes to make you laugh or tell you an embarrassing story about myself to help pick you up.

I’m the friend that swears will never repeat the words you speak to another, and I am that friend that WILL take your secrets to my grave with me and never speak of them again.

I’m the friend that will write paragraphs to you telling you how good a person you are, motivate you when you fail to motivate yourself, encourage you to do even better and always remind you how much I appreciate having you in my life.

I am that friend that can tell you off like an agony aunt, keep secrets like a sibling and get up to mischief with you like a best friend.

So to summarise- YES i have a resting bitch face. YES i come across as stuck up. But honestly if you think this about me- its because you don’t know me.

I can live with that.

Remember- Those that rarely let anyone into their inner most circle are ALWAYS loyal to the bone.






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