To my parents

This post is for the two people I respect most in this world. Two incredible individuals who have taught me many a life lesson for which i will forever be grateful.

They say that the only person that truly looks out for you is yourself. I can’t help but disagree.

My mum and dad, who have been married for nearly 40 years have done nothing but put the needs of their children before their own.

My dad worked two jobs to support his growing family, pay the mortgage on the house, give us everything we needed as children all while working towards his own business. I have yet to meet a man more intelligent than my dad. His business intellect, mathematical skills and general knowledge is beyond any that I have seen. But more importantly, he always did the school runs, never missed a class assembly or sports day, came to all my parents evenings and my most fond memories are of him and me going to the park every Saturday and getting a mcflurry afterwards. He did all this, and never complained. Not once. He is honestly the most patient person ever, and there’s not a single person that has met him that has anything negative to say about him. He has not a single bad bone in his body.

Then there’s my mum. She is the strongest person i know. Having four daughters is never easy, and can be seen as a negative sometimes in the asian community. Not for my mum. She has always shown strength beyond measure, and having her as a role model growing up, she has taught me and my sisters to always have a voice and to stand up for ourselves and for each other. My mum has overcome many a hurdle in her life, but she still keeps going. People always say that me and my sisters are very respectful and its because of my mum. She always taught us to respect ourselves and others, because only you can control the person that you choose to be. I remember when I was really young, and demanded she cook the most random and at times extravagant food, and she used to, no matter the time of day, just to see me happy. Whenever I was ill, she’d always bring me a hot water bottle, a cup of tea, some medication or whatever it was I needed without me even asking. Thats the thing about mums….they just know.

My mum and dad have been there for all four of us. Even now as adults, should we ever need advice, guidance, mums cup of tea or dads big bear hugs, we know that we can turn to them and they will be there.

This post is a thank you. To the two people who have spent their lives helping to build ours.

We may not always show it, but we love you and appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for us.




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