To you this is just a picture of a mocktail. To you this is just another typical picture. But to me this is so much more.

To me this represents an evening of laughter and fun. Of memories made with those I hold very close to my heart. People who want to see you happy, successful, and smiling. That is one of the biggest blessings that can ever be bestowed upon you.

But if we look even further between the lines, this picture represents someone who at one point stopped feeling comfortable going out. Was so tired and exhausted all the time, that she never wanted to leave the comfort of the four walls that made a home. Didn’t know what to talk about with people, and felt out of place when she did. Found herself feeling as if she was suffocating while she continued to breathe on oxygen as every other day. This was, of course, all the thoughts going through her mind, constantly, because she let her fears and thoughts get the better of her.

Until she decided a change was needed, and enough was enough.

Why was she constantly worrying about scenarios she’d played out in her mind, that may never come to be? Why was she worrying about the perception of those who really played nothing but a minor role in her life? Why was she being her own worst critic and not showing herself the care and respect she showed others?

She’s always been strong, she’s always been caring, she’s always been fun, she’s always had it in her….she just forgot to remind herself of it.

There are so many of us who forget to do the same. It’s so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind that is life, that you forget that you yourself need some care and attention now and then too. It’s healthy to sometimes put your own needs above others and give yourself the time of day you were so keen to waste on others who really do not care about you as a person.

YOU are your own greatest supporter, mentor, motivator, and comfort. If YOU don’t give yourself time, and tell yourself how good a person you are, how do you expect others to? “The most powerful relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself” always remember that.


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