Do you remember ever taking a test, and receiving your results with butterflies in your stomach? Giving yourself a pep talk before looking at what you scored? Telling yourself it’s no big deal, while inside your body was screaming with nerves? Do you remember others being interested in what you scored but more importantly, which questions you got wrong?


Have you ever been in a situation, where you feel like you did 9 things right, and one thing wrong? And everyone focused on the latter? Whether it’s a test, a job, or every day life. This is a behaviour that so many portray without even knowing they do it. This is a metaphor of life and the way in which the world sees fit to treat you. It’s shown when rather than being congratulated for your score, the focus is always that one question you got wrong.

You feel great with what you’ve achieved until one person points out the thing you’ve done wrong. That’s all it takes. One individual to ruin the immense feeling of self accomplishment. Now all you can think about is not what you did right, but only that which you did wrong. You keep playing the scenario over in your head, wishing you’d said something or done something different so you’d have a better outcome.

Why do we tend to give power over us, to those we don’t even consider a friend? Why give them the satisfaction of seeing us down, to only make themselves feel better? There will be people that you come across in your life that will NEVER appreciate the good you do a million times over, but will ALWAYS be there to criticise the one wrong thing you do.

As disheartening as it can be, their failure to see the good that you do, should never be your downfall. Rise above it. YOU know what you’re capable of, and only you can remind yourself to always keep going. You may have done something wrong, but you’ve done a hell of a lot more right. That’s something to be proud of, always.

‘Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.’


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