Little Things

   Sometimes in life we take the little things for granted. Little things that others are praying really hard for.

There are people who would love to have the opportunities that are so easily presented to us. There are people who are trying extremely hard to find any job, no matter what the income. There are people who want to be educated, but don’t have the resources to do so. There are parents who would love to have a roof over their heads and food on the table to feed their children, and not have to hear them cry because they’re hungry or cold. Some are just praying to survive another day, and not hear news that their loved ones have been taken from them.

And me? I’ve caught myself so many times, wishing to have more success, desiring materialistic things and more glory while taking advantage of the blessings that have been bestowed upon me. Throughout the years there have been times when I’ve taken my parents, my family and friends for granted and not spent enough time with them. Fussed over food that mums cooked, because I fancy something else. Not asked dad how his day was, because I’m too busy stressing over mine. Not sat down and had a conversation with my sisters because I’m too wrapped up in my own busy little world and not picked up the phone to ring my friends or text them back. So many minutes in a day have been spent trying to progress at work, but not giving myself credit for how far I’ve come. Not being happy with the position I’m in and always wanting more.So many hours have been spent wishing, praying and desiring things I thought to be bigger and better and not stopping for a moment to thank God for all the blessings in my life.

I realised that I was chasing all these dreams and working towards all my goals, yet still going to sleep with a heavy heart. I’m not saying that having dreams and goals is bad. It’s great. But stopping for a five minute chat with dad, thanking my mum for the food she cooked every day, picking up the phone and being there for my friends wouldn’t have taken any of it away from me. It would have taken a few extra minutes here and there, but knowing I’d told those who mean the world to me just how grateful I was to have them, would have made me a much happier person. A weight would have been lifted off my shoulders and I would have gone to sleep knowing the people I love, know how much they mean to me.

It’s like one of my friends said to me today- It’s not about the gift itself but more about the messages in cards and on gift tags. It’s the little things that hold the most value and the thought behind it is what makes a person smile.

We spend so much time desiring that which isn’t within our reach, we forget to appreciate all that surrounds us. I’ve realised that the things we think are bigger and better, are actually not. A little distance makes everything seem small. Thing is, when you have little, you want more. When you get more, you want even more. But when you lose everything, you realise little was enough.

It’s at that moment you realise:

The little things?

The little moments?

They aren’t little.

They’re everything.


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