Each and every word spoken, action taken, and decision made results in a series of consequences taking place. This can be a good thing, and sometimes it can be bad. Finding the balance between the two is the struggle.

Word: Sometimes we can’t predict how others will react to the words we choose to speak. For example in a heated argument, especially when you know the individual with whom you are arguing, there is always a line that you know not to cross. Certain topics, or moments that both know never to bring up, without having to agree on it verbally. At times, we come very close to stepping over that line, but manage to reel ourselves back in at the last moment. That’s called having control. No matter the situation, whether you’re caught off guard or not, you should always have control over your emotions, your actions, your thoughts and especially your tongue. There may come a time, or the time may have already passed in which you lost control. All sense of right and wrong in a moment of anger lost. A moment in which you cross that very line you both understood never to overstep. Once done, you can never go back. You realise that the consequence of crossing the line is losing that someone who means a lot to you or hurting them to a point where they will never look at you the same again. Be careful with your words. Once they are said they can be only forgiven, not forgotten. 

Action: Sometimes we can’t predict the effect our own actions will have on not only ourselves but others too. For example when you feel like someone is being rude towards you and you can’t understand why. You don’t know this person very well, could be someone you work with but don’t have much interaction with. Could be someone you know of on social media, but don’t know well. They haven’t done anything obvious for you to know for definite that they don’t like you, yet you still get the feeling that they don’t and you’re trying to understand why. Automatically we assume that they are judgemental, or jealous or just weird and that they’re not worth the time or energy. We so easily shrug off a person or situation. But do we ever stop for a moment to think that the problem may not be with them. The problem may lie with us? If this has, is, or ever does happen to you, start by looking at yourself, and your mannerisms. What kind of energy are you giving off to others. Are you sure there isn’t a valid reason for them not to like you? Have you ever spoken to them rudely (maybe they caught you at a bad time), ignored them as if they don’t exist (you had 101 other things you were trying to balance). It could be something that you’ve said or done intentionally or unintentionally. You may not know them well, or maybe you do. Either way don’t they deserve an apology or at least an explanation? I’m not saying that you should go around apologising to everyone you meet. All i’m saying is that life can be very distracting at times, and though we know our actions affect us, we don’t always realise that our actions have consequences on others too. Being conscience of this is a good way to prevent hurting others. Life is a boomerang. What you give is what you get.

Decision: Sometimes the decisions we make turn out to have the worst possible outcomes for us. For example, when you decide to ignore the advice of those closest to you, and go on to befriend someone they advised you not to, not only can you end up offending the people who take the time to give you advice with only your best interest at heart, but in the long run, you could be setting yourself up for a failed friendship, hurt and sometimes quite a bit of drama. Have you ever been in a situation where despite hearing alarm bells ringing whenever a particular person is around, you find yourself ignoring the sirens, and still get to know them, spend time with them, give them a lot of time and effort, only to find its not reciprocated or they’ve taken everything you’ve done for granted? They may have broken your trust. They may be the reason why you are no longer close to those that once advised you. They may be the reason you cry, hurt or find yourself the centre of unwanted drama. The worst feeling in the world at that very moment is the feeling of being fooled. You should always trust your gut. Your gut feelings are usually accurate and correct. If you truly feel there’s something, chances are there is. And if your gut and those who’s opinion you’ve always trusted are telling you the same thing, you have the logical answer you’re looking for. If you choose to do the illogical, the consequence of this is you end up kicking yourself for not trusting your gut, and instead trusting someone who didn’t even deserve a single moment of your day. People do not realise how important decisions are until they make the wrong ones.

There will always be consequences, to your words, your actions and your decisions. Before you act, make sure you’re prepared for them.

Remember- Wisdom consists of the anticipation of consequences.


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