Shrimps Podcast: Episode 1- Circles

Shrimps Podcast- Episode 1

About a year ago, I wrote a blog post called ‘Circles’, and if you haven’t had a chance to read it, I’ll pop a link here for you:

This is one of my favourite posts that i’ve written, because it was at a very crucial time in my life when I learned a very valuable life lesson, and made some well needed changes in my life.

I will always be grateful for the realisation that I had, and for the changes that I made, because i’m better off today because of these things.

I thought it was important to share this valuable lesson, in the hopes that it may help someone else out there.

When I first thought about starting a podcast, I knew that I wanted this to be my first topic of discussion, because it meant so much to me, and I knew right away who I wanted to have as guests on the podcast too.

Nabila, Carina and Sarah- Thank you so much for saying yes without any hesitation, and for opening up in a way not many would be comfortable to do. You ladies are amazing, and have the most incredible mindsets, and I’m so happy that others get to see this too.

This is only the beginning, and i’m working on improving my editing skills as we speak, so fingers crossed the quality and overall experience will improve with time.

I hope you enjoy this episode, and please let me know what you think,

ShrimpsDiary x

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